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EASY VITALS Daily Site-of-Care Monitoring For Ultimate Condition Management and Peace of Mind

Easy Vitals program allows care teams to monitor vital health information and manage their patients in any Site-of-Care, including their home, by incorporating advanced medical devices with a highly intuitive and functional telemedicine application. This helps achieve great patient outcomes, reducing physician's office visits, while decreasing the cost and increasing efficiency.

BENEFITS How Easy Vitals works to your benefit

Easy Vitals is an advanced yet simple tele-health solution that helps control high healthcare costs as well as improve health outcomes. This platform simplifies daily monitoring of essential health parameters for the patients from the comfort of their homes. The benefits of tele-health are numerous and can be implemented in all medical situations.

Monitoring Our Most At Risk Patient Populations

Home monitoring system

Heart Information

The environment is the place the older adult calls home. It may be the person's house or apartment in the community or a residence provided by an aging services provider—a continuing care retirement community, an independent living apartment, assisted living, or even a skilled nursing facility. Activity, physiological, and vital health data can be analyzed, archived, and mined. This data can help caregivers detect indicators of early disease onset, deterioration, or improvement in health conditions of at-risk patient populations. Additionally, Remote Patient Monitoring information can assist in the monitoring of adherence to Post-Op/Post-Acute care plans, changes in recovery conditions, and early interventions of impending post-operative complications. Reductions in rehospitalization and emergency visits not only benefit risk bearing organizations but care providers and patients alike.